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About Us

We provide integrated services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning for Agriculture and Aquaculture industry. With the rapid technological and market development in Agriculture and Aquaculture, we are committed to integration of important elements in developing infrastructure and facilities is necessary to provide stability to our Clients’ business. We owe our strength and capabilities to the the great achievements of both of our shareholders – National Aquaculture Group (Naqua) and AlRajhi International for Investment (RAII) – who are major players in aquacultural and agricultural infrastructure in the region. We have ongoing turnkey projects in Saudi Arabia , Egypt, and Sudan where we provide Engineering, Design, Procurement, and Construction services

Our Vision

To be a leading EPC company in the field of agriculture and aquaculture infrastructure.

Our Mission

To construct mega-scale infrastructure turn-key projects in the field of agriculture and aquaculture with high quality standards utilizing the best practices and world class approaches in EPC contracting


Our expertise in Infrastructure and Electro-Mechanical work for Aquaculture covers Engineering, Procurement and Construction of
  • - water canals
  • - shrimp ponds
  • - bio-security infrastructure for fish and shrimp brood stock breeding facilities
  • - administration complexes
  • - warehouses
  • - staff accommodations
  • - water treatment plants
  • - power plants
  • - fish and shrimp processing plants
  • - civil utilities : roads, power transmission line, sewer and water supply network.
  • - pump stations
  • - shrimp and fish feed mill plants


Over the last two years, we have progressively widened our expertise into Agriculture Industrial projects covering earth leveling of tracts of land, installation of irrigation pivots, deep wells, water canals, pump stations for the supply of water to irrigation equipment , administration complexes, warehouses, staff accommodations, seed processing plants, silos, water treatment plants, roads, power transmission line, sewer and water supply network.

Our Clients